Hi there, Jpeg Junky is a curated collection of copyright free images collected by myself for content creators and art enthusiasts. A perfect archive of free for use, any purpose, no attribution images inspired heavily by Pubdomordie.club.

Each picture was released under a Creative Commons License and carefully selected for this website.  This makes them free to use, share and modify for private as well as commercial use without the need for any attribution! They are as completely as possible in the public domain with a CC0 license. These images have been carefully sourced from websites like Pexel, Unsplash, Publicdomainreview.org, etc.

My name is Marco and I’m a graphic designer, You can follow my Instagram here.

I created this website because in this digital age it’s very easy to infringe on copyright without knowing. I wanted to create a resource that creatives can utilize and educate themselves on. Jpeg Junky is meant to inspire creatives and anyone who wants to browse these under appreciated images. You can submit your own original artwork and donate to the public domain to be featured on the homepage, you can do this by visiting the submit page. If you have any concerns, questions or would like to inform me on any images you believe to not be in the public domain and have evidence, please don’t hesitate to visit the contact page.

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